Palmersaurus Park

Accommodation Listings: Sunshine Coast, QLD

Palmersaurus Park
1 Warran Road, Yaroomba, QLD

eTourism Australia welcomes Palmersaurus Park, in Yaroomba for all your attraction and event needs, save booking direct with your provider.

eTourism Australia - Palmersaurus will be full of surprises and anyone who visits at twilight will see just how effective and impressive the lighting is.

Weighing in at around four metric tons and measuring up to thirteen metres from nose to tail, the Edmontosaurus stood around three metres tall and was part of the Hadrosauridae, or duckbill family of dinosaurs which were known for their remarkable dental arrangement. Three rows of interlocking munching molars on each side of the jaw added up to a grand total of over 700 teeth, ideal for chomping their way through the toughest cycads and conifers.

Palmersaurus will be available for hire to host children’s birthday parties, evening cocktail functions and other special occasions.

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