The Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park

Accommodation Listings: North West, WA

The Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park
10 Mile on the Broome Highway, Broome, WA

eTourism Australia welcomes The Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park, in Broome for all your attraction and event needs, save booking direct with your provider.

eTourism Australia - Established in 1983 by Malcolm Douglas as a research centre, the park is home to Australia’s finest display of crocodiles.

Take a guided feeding tour and see crocodiles that have been caught and relocated to the park, for causing disturbance to outback communities.

You will see Hatchlings, Alligators, Nile and Freshwater crocodiles, as well as ferocious Saltwater crocodiles. The number of crocodiles fed depends on the season and daily temperature. Thanks for visiting eTourism Australia