Play Bar

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Play Bar
Basement, 72 Campbell Street, Surry Hills, NSW

eTourism Australia welcomes Play Bar, in Surry Hills for all your entertainment and restaurant venues, save booking direct.

eTourism Australia - Nestled in the once decrepit & defunkt lower west-syde of Surry Hills, a new flowering small bar district is emerging. PLAY BAR SYDNEY is housed in the old “Chess Discount Store”, which tale be told in the 1930’s was also an old Chinese opium den (though fortunately you no longer need your pipes and lamps).

Upon locating the 4 moons, you enter through a beautiful, large black timber door and are led down an unassuming stair into the one of the best kept secrets in Sydney.

The decor looks decidedly like it once belonged in old factories, with old iron crank tables and trestles. Decorated with skate decks & a fresh graf collab, courtesy Beastman & Numskull. The bar is warmly lit with cool old incandescent bulbs, wall washes & candles, that enhance the exposed raw brick & wooden rafters. A pair of 1200’s with a ghetto-blaster fold-back sit in the corner & an epic old skool hiphop montage in the amenities. PLAYBAR’s look shifts entirely from so many of the clean cut or prohibition style bars that exist now in the CBD, into a more old-flava, London underground style venue. We play James Brown, funk, broken-beat, hippity-hop, soul, reggae, drum n’ bass and proper house…. & we play it on records.

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